Welcome To SCTIMST - Alumni

The 'connect' between alma mater and alumni has a sublime quality. "Age cannot wither nor custom stale" its import or impact. The role of the alma mater in shaping one’s career, character, destiny and life cannot be overstated. Equally, history also bears ample testimony to the fact that institutions grow in stature when students who pass through their portals bring laurels through stellar achievements in their chosen fields. It is famously said that "the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton", a public school of great repute in England. The statement purportedly underscores the influence of the alma mater in the historic victory of the British forces and allies at Waterloo. However, make no mistake, Eton owes its position of pre-eminence, in good measure, to its alumni that include many prime ministers, world leaders, accomplished actors and Nobel laureates. By any reckoning, the relationship between the alma mater and the alumni is a "two-way street" that holds much for both.

The University Grants Commission has recently proposed that all higher education institutions in the country should establish Alumni Cells to foster 'Alumni Connect'. The call of the august body, in line with the National Education Policy 2020 of the Government of India, is a tacit recognition of the fact that an alumni network is one of the greatest assets of any academic institution. To expand the global outreach of higher education institutions and to make India a global study destination, institutions are called upon to maintain a database of the alumni, share relevant information with the alumni on the latest initiatives of the institution, and organise networking get-togethers, all of which would ensure that our academic institutions have their alumni as brand ambassadors to showcase their strengths. Furthermore, an institution’s engagement with its alumni network should be a long-term endeavour to build a growing community of erstwhile students that is eager to nurture the institution that nurtured them.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum is a unique institution that was born out of a concept and reared in an eclectic culture that exquisitely blends the practice of modern medicine with technology development and public health initiatives. With an exceptional track record of creditable service in the vital domains of patient care, public health, biomedical technology, and human resource development, the Institute presents a unique model. Sree Chitra is credited not only with providing succour to the sick at affordable costs but also with the indigenous development of several biomedical technologies that have been transferred to industry and commercialized. That’s not all. The institution has constantly endeavoured to develop post-graduate training programs of the highest quality in advanced medical specialties and biomedical engineering and technology, which in turn has raised a generation of young men and women equipped with the wherewithal to serve society in these important domains. There is much about Sree Chitra that is worthy of emulation. A mechanism needs to be put in place by which the Vision and Mission of Chitra that make it what it is become more visible to the world such that the institution expands beyond its physical campus. Clearly, an alumni network can help build and grow the institution’s brand.

To present the Institute to the world, and to carry forward an uncommon institutional legacy, the institution proposes to firm up its links with its alumni scattered all over the world. As a first step, an Alumni Portal is being created and placed on the Institute's official website so that it would help forge stronger links between the Institute and its alumni in the times to come.

As the Institute rides the winds of change, let us plug into the new reality of a fast-changing world and surge ahead as an organization, tapping our diverse skills in the service of society. In doing so, let us carry our alumni along with us in our journey as they are our greatest asset.